Before & After Your Hospital Stay

Preparing your hospital admission

The main Admission Counter is at Level 2 (Main Lobby). You may register your admission from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Admission after 9:00pm daily, weekends and on Public Holidays will be at the 24 hours Accident & Emergency Service.

Patients scheduled for surgeries may require to be admitted a day prior to surgery.

Things to bring upon admission :


  1. Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate
  2. Letter of Guarantee/ Health Cards

Personal items

  1. i.e clothing, slippers and toiletries

Labour Patients

  1. one set of baby clothes

Operating hours for the Admission Main Counter (Lobby Level 2)

Monday - Friday :
8.00am - 9.00pm

: 8.00am - 12.30pm

Sunday & public
holidays : Closed


One of our patient safety goals is to identify our patient correctly. During registration for admission, you will be requested to present your identity card/passport or any other legal documents (Guarantee Letter) for registration purpose. For children under 12 years old, parents or guardian's identity is required for registration. Upon completion of registration, you will be requested to check and verify your particulars on the printed Admission Registration form. For patients who has already medical record with KPJ Pahang, patients are advised to update personal particulars and contact information during registration.

Admission Packet

Personal toiletries are available upon request and will be charged to your bill. Do feel free to enquire it from our ward staff.

Pre-Surgery Admission

You are required to sign a consent form before any surgery. For children under 18 years old, parents or guardians are required to sign the consent form for their children. Your consultant and the nurses will advise you on details regarding your preparation for surgery.

Update of Hospital running Bill and Insurance Claims.

During patient stay, the hospital billing personnel will update patient or the next of kin on the bill amount standing. The situation may arise for long stay patient or the current amount is substantial. If patient is under Guarantee Letter or insurance plan, the hospital staff will assist on documentation to expedite patient insurance claims.

Discharge Services

The Consultant is the authorised person to discharge patient. Billing Service shall immediately process patient's bill upon receiving 'Discharge Order' from the Consultant.

For personal case (cash payer), all bills will be processed and completed within one (1) hour from the time 'Discharge Order' received. For cases under insurance plan, all bills will be processed and completed within two (2) to three (3) hours. The process requires verification and confirmation by the Insurer. Final bill shall only be presented thereafter. Subsistence fee may be applicable at the time of discharge. Check out time is 12.00pm. Discharges from 3.00pm - 6.00pm, an additional half day room charge will be incurred. Discharges after 6.00pm will be charged as a full day's rate.

Take home medication & follow up appointment

Take home medications will be given to you in the ward on discharge day. The nurse will explain you on the medications. Do not hesitate to ask anything to your concerns. Your follow up appointment with the Consultant will also be arranged prior to your discharge.

Late Charges

The final bill presented is subject to 7 days of its finalisation. The hospital will notify patient (for payment) should there be additional charges incurred on discharge day and not reflected in the bill.

Refund of Excess Deposit

Amounts received in excess of the total bill will be refunded. Refunds made via credit cards will be concluded within 7 working days. However, cash refunds amounting to more than RM500 will be done via cheque, within 14 working days.

Home Nursing Care

This service is available to patients who have been discharged but require further nursing care in the comfort of their home. The service helps managing patient's recovery process.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative Care

KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital provides physiotherapy care for inpatients and outpatient under the supervision of trained physiotherapists. The type of physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures will be determined by the referring doctor and experienced physiotherapist. The service educates patient the appropriate technics of managing physical discomforts.

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